Types Of Necklaces You Can Gift!

These can be some of the most durable gifts that you can gift anyone, and every time they wear the piece, it will be a pleasant reminder of you.  Whether you give a necklace to someone special on a dinner date or casually as a gift for being thankful for having them in your life necklaces make the perfect gift for almost all occasions. It shows the person on the receiving end that you care about the person or are wanting to communicate something.

But gifting a necklace is not an easy task as settling on one is very difficult, you will find about it when you start looking for one.This article will help you by making it easier to choose the right type of necklace for aparticular person.

There are different types of necklace meant for different occasions try to be well aware of the different types before you choose a gift for a particular occasion.


Labradorite Necklace:

this is a necklace that has a pendant or a stone on end, an excellent example of such a necklace is the Labradorite necklace. This kind of chainis evergreen and can be paired with a dress to give an elegant look.

Choker Necklace:

these are necklace of short length worn around the neck, fashioned from a wide variety of elements ranging from velvet to platinum these are some of the most expensive pieces of jewelry one can lay their hand on.

Riviere Necklace:

flowing gracefully around the neck like a river these necklaces derive their name from the French term for rivers. They usually comprise of gemstones that have an increased size as you move from the back of the neck towards the centre. A typical example of a Riviere style necklace would be the Toussaint that was used in the movie Ocean’s 8.

Graduated bead style necklace: these are necklaces made out of beads of the same style that increase in size as you move away from the back of the neck towards the front. They can be made of pearls or glass beads of different colours the only criteria for a necklace to qualify as a graduated bead style is for it to have beads that graduate in size.

Festoon Necklace:

the way you can identify a festoon necklace is by the drapes of chains hanging from two points on a necklace. This type of necklace is famous because they are preferred by royalties all over the world from the queen of England to the queen of Denmark making them a popular choice among many females wanting to give themselves a royal look.

What are the factors that you should take into consideration before settling on a choice?

Almost every article of jewelry is unusual in one way or another creating an easy task that much more difficult. Some factors that you can keep in mind while looking for a necklace are:

The height: this is one of the most important factors while deciding on a particular piece. If the person receiving the gift is on the shorter side, make sure that you do not buy a necklace that becomes overwhelming for them. The length of the necklace is significant as it can either enhance the look of a person without taking attention away from their best features.

Neck Length and width: a thin chain works best for people with wide necks, people with long and slender necks can wear almost anything. If the receiver has a short neck, make sure you go with a piece that makes the neck appear longer.

Face shapes: depending on the shape of the face the right necklace can enhance your features. Typically, if you are buying a necklace as a gift for someone who has an oval face you do not need to worry about much as this shape is complimented by any length. A short necklace is an ideal choice for heart-shaped faces creating a fuller appearance. Consider medium length chain for long faces as these necklaces will round off the look.

Consider the above mentioned factors to pick the right type of necklace as the perfect gift for any occasion.

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