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Holidays And Festivals Were Made For Exceptional Colorful Jewelry

This is the time of year again! The Shops are packed with the conversation has turned to whether or not the rain is going to off. Yes, the occasional or festival season is genuinely and reasonably upon us. But, what are you want to wear in this festival that summer is here?

Whether you are heading to jetting or Glastonbury to your holiday, all the accessories like clothes, jewellery, you can choose can make all the difference to your festival and summer wardrobe. From the beach to the field, there are pieces to suit any occasion or look. For men and women, well-chosen jewellery and the colourful details are critical if you want to stand out from the public. Forget about winter layering and autumnal tones; summer is all about being, bright, bold and vibrant with your multiple choices.


Why Should I Wear colourful jewellery?

In the Alice made this studio we are firm considering and believers in letting the unusual or raw materials of our jewellery speak for themselves. We love rose gold toners and warm copper,polished surface and the crisp silver of gold and brass. But many times an injection of colour is just what the client order. It can feel amazing to take a step outside of your regular or comfort zone and try out details that you would not wear to the office and occasion or when meeting friends. Not all of us have excellent jobs, where bright and uniquecolours are always appropriate and comfortable, so why not take this chance to explore something.

Sometimes, nothing can change or beats having an expressing the more light-hearted side and little fun of your fabulous personality with a beautiful vibrant pop of colour. A bit of blue and splash of pink can quickly boost your confidence, lift your mood and get you in the occasion and festival spirit, even if the weekend does turn out to be a washout. Colours like red and blue have been proven to make us feel more calm and optimistic. Our jewellery and accessories are an excellent place to celebrate the power of colour.

What festivals or occasions are best for colourfuljewellery ?

Holidays And Festivals Were Made For Exceptionalcolourfuljewellery. When the sun is brightening and shining, and you are trying to pack light, statement jewellery is the most popular and fantastic solutions for mixing up your outfits and turning your wardrobe staples into talking points. By adding a pleasant and colourful statement jewellery and bracelet, you will quickly elevate your look ready for the festival or party to begin.

Why not select a colourful bracelet for daytime wear before choosing a colourful necklace in the time for evening’s events and dinner? Packing jewellery that can be more easily transition from the day through tonight is a fantastic must for the holidays and festivals.

Colourful Bracelets and Necklaces:-

Our rope (Fibre) collection was manufactured or designed to be versatile, allowing you to wear your forms or pieces your way. Versatile and Tactile, every single rope bracelet and a statement necklace in our fibre collection can be accessorised and adjusted to suit your outfit and mood. Made from the many different colourfulDyneema cord, the world’s strongest and lightest fibre, and paired with the signature Alice made this made hardware. Our fibre bracelets and necklace are perfect for an occasion or festival and holiday. Remember, you can match and mix our pieces.

All of our fibre bracelets and jewellery features signature Alice built this hardware. Combining bright rope with geometric silhouettes and brass tones, our jewellery juxtaposes the precise with the loving fun, the building or engineering with the smooth.

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